For SS24 Rabens Saloner does what it does best with a collection of appealing and covetable pieces that fit in
seamlessly with the rest of your closet and become favorites over the years.

A fresh colour palette heralds the positive vibes of summer. White, gold, vanilla and ecru contrast with zings of acid green, chartreuse and tangerine that work beautifully against gently tanned skin.  Silhouettes are based around relaxed shapes that are often tucked, draped or ruched closer towards the body - after all, it can be a sexy season too. A feeling of long-time favorites pervades the collection with pieces appearing to be reworked from older ones: vintage looking jeans are flipped to make a camisole top or repurposed as a jacket whilst two rib vests are sewn together to make one new, slightly off beat version.  Elsewhere bouclé knits seem to be fashioned from the remnants of others.

Rabens signature hand prints are at their very best in a summer season. All-over tie dyes are soft and gentle, almost resembling clouds on a warm afternoon. Other prints delineate the body in bold graffiti scribbles that run down a dress or add a flattering vertical element to a halter-neck column dress with multicoloured stripes. But other fabrics are not to be put in the shade. A clean stripe in black and white twill makes an elegant but easy blazer, the stripes forming an unexpected chevron on the back, and the same fabric is used for a corset top with a ruched back that gives it a relaxed rather than strict air. Meanwhile, lightweight nylon is trimmed with zips that form a slit in a long skirt or add a touch of edginess on the sleeve of a top. Later in the day, the warm glow of an evening sun is captured in a burnished gold slub fabric worn as a summer coat, wide pant or easy top with a striking horizontal frill. Or perhaps the epitome of laid back glamour - a metallic mesh t-shirt that is both low key and sexy - reveals the very essence of the Rabens Saloner woman. True style, after all, should be effortless.


The backstage atmosphere the minutes before a show like this is buzzing. The air is full of excitement and the adrenalin is pumping. Last minute details are getting fixed just in time to hit the stage and 3, 2, 1 line up… it is showtime!

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