Rabens Saloner’s efforts on sustainability

It is important for Rabens Saloner to take care of people, environment and society by being a responsible company. An important part of our leadership is therefore based on the triple bottom line. By that we make sure that our leadership balances financial, social and environmental concerns for the whole value chain of Rabens Saloner.

We put the responsible fashion-conscious consumer in center

The consumer puts quality over quantity and has an opinion of where to buy and thereby supports the local fashion store and contributes to its survival. Network and partnerships are very important tools for us. Furthermore, we support #rewiringfashion and act according to it.

We take care of the environment

We want to hand the planet over to the next generation in a solid way. We must reduce the resource use and invest in a green change - also digitally. As many styles as possible must be made from certificated fabrics and we must minimize the use of mixed fabrics. We are aiming at developing styles with a long healthy lifetime that eventually will turn into vintage pieces. We are producing according to orders sold and do of course not destroy unsold clothes – we donate it to charity as we have always done at Rabens Saloner. All samples are sold at stock & sample sales. Packaging is either FSC certificated or made of recycled plastic.

We act financially responsible

The whole value chain of Rabens Saloner must exist before, during and after the corona crises. We do so by keeping the wheels running in-house and with all our partners and we work dedicated and focused on our key businesses.

We work socially responsible

We follow UN’s sustainable development goals: 1. No poverty, 3. Good health and well-being, 4. Quality education and 15. Life on land. By this, we want to give back according to the triple bottom line. Rabens Saloner works worldwide and we enjoy working with and getting inspired by different cultures. We do of course follow international standards on human and labour rights and have no child labour

Our brand story must be sustainable and true to our DNA

We communicate honestly, transparent and value-based on all platforms and
without any greenwashing.

Old clothes - New life

Instead of throwing them out we recommend you give your old Rabens garments new life by donating them to second-hand stores, re-selling them via second-hand marketplaces or remaking them into new styles such as a tote bag, a pillowcase etc. This way you are giving the environment a helping hand by minimising waste and giving your old clothes new life.

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