As goes for all our tie dyes, the prints are made by hand by Balinese artisans using only the human eye as a guide. This way every piece is unique – no two tie-dye pieces are identical

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It is important for Rabens Saloner to take care of people, environment and society by being a responsible company. An important part of our leadership is therefore based on the triple bottom line.


At Rabens Saloner, we love to decorate our living spaces with things that have character and we are always looking for new special finds for the home.

You may already know Rabens handmade pots and home interior, but did you know we also have a selection of hand picked designer tableware and cutlery?

Rabens Saloner service includes decorative vases for flowers, pencils or kitchen accessories.

Find handmade vases crafted from marble and unique ceramic vases from Danish ceramics.

Whether looking for a small vase or a large one, you will find the perfect one browsing our home accessories online or in Rabens Apartment interior store in Copenhagen.

You will also find unique kitchen tableware and various kitchen décor at Rabens. Our wooden dinner plates, bowls, serving trays are spoons are all handcrafted in Bali. This way each item is defined by one-of a-kind shapes and varies in colour. We think that brings charm and personality to the table setting.

Many of our wooden objects can be used in many ways at your home. Use a wooden bowl as an elegant jewellery container by the mirror, as a decorative fruit bowl at the coffee table or as a stylish tray serving salad or candy.

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Danish ceramics have become very popular in recent years, and at Rabens we have also fallen for the beautiful hand crafted kitchenware.

Our hand-picked selection of ceramics is ever-changing as we discover new beautiful ceramic creations, but often you will find decorative ceramic bowls, ceramic coffee cups, ceramic dishes and raku cups in our selection.

For your table setting you will also find various French water glasses and wine glasses, handmade glass vases and glass teapots adding elegance to the dinner table.

We also use scented candles to create a relaxed feeling at home. Find scented candles from P.F. Candle Co, Verden, Less Is More in our shop enjoy how the natural scents of the soy candles stimulate your senses.

Rabens Apartment home selection varies depending on what we come across as we shop around the world. We often introduce new unique serveware and kitchen utensils with handmade features such as salad servers made of horn or hand-dyed linen napkins.

Common for all products, vintage finds or new treasures, they are all carefully chosen for their ability to add atmosphere and style to your home.

Keep an eye on the ever changing home accessories selection in the online shop or stop by Rabens Apartment interior store in Copenhagen to discover our full selection of furniture, interior and home decor.

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