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The Rabens tie dye

It is probably true to say that nothing quite exemplifies the Rabens Saloner aesthetic more than the use of traditional dying techniques


Visually the rich colours and unique designs typify the modern mix of easy living and rock ’n’ roll attitude. Just as importantly, the dyeing process underlines the company’s respectful but innovative approach to traditional craft, handwork and experience.


Tie dye in the making

At the heart of the process is Rabens Saloner’s creative director, Birgitte Raben. Mediating between Western thinking and Eastern expertise, she builds on over a decade of close relationships with dyers in Bali where the company has a dye house devoted entirely to their production.


The variety of techniques available in a hand dye house like this is dazzling

Trial and error are an intrinsic part of the creative process - mistakes being as important as successes when they lead to new discoveries and changes of direction.


Colour references might be a tree trunk or a sun-bleached deck chair, and unexpected shades pop up depending on whether fabrics are dried on the grass or hanging in the sun



All tie dye is undertaken by hand using the human eye as a guide. This way every piece is unique and makes your new style one of kind. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Tie-Dye by Rabens

As goes for all our tie dyes, the prints are made by hand by Balinese artisans using only the human eye as a guide. This way every piece is unique – no two tie-dye pieces are identical