As goes for all our tie dyes, the prints are made by hand by Balinese artisans using only the human eye as a guide. This way every piece is unique – no two tie-dye pieces are identical

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At Rabens we are passionate about things made by hand, by heart and by happy people.

Handmade clay pots adorn and decorate any indoor and outdoor space and brings a sense of oriental atmosphere, which we truly love.

A Rabens Saloner pot is crafted by hand in Bali in a local pottery, where the love of traditional craftsmanship, high quality and outstanding aesthetics are key.

Making handmade pots in a place of passion like this can take days, weeks, or months from the shaping to the glazing all depending on the size and details. No compromises are made, and a Bali pot simply takes the time, a Bali pot takes.

Each clay pot made by hand stand out with distinctive one-of-a-kind features and the colours may vary slightly. That is what makes a handmade pot so special.

Our customers request many different clay pots. Online we offer a curated edit of house plant pots, which are decorative and suitable for all living places.

In our physical interior store in Copenhagen, Rabens Apartment, you can explore a wide selection of garden pots as well as pots for your indoor space. Come by to discover pots in all sizes - large plant pots & small plant pots - and find beautiful outdoor plant pots perfect for the garden or terrace or clay pots for plants suitable for all living spaces.

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As much as we love to create our own unique pots by hand, our hearts beat for vintage plant pots and antique pots with a story.

For many years we have been purchasing large water pots in Indonesia, which were used as water containers before the convenience of modern water supply.

To have a clay water pot in the garden were common and often the old pots were decorated with house numbers and chalk drawings. Some of the water pots still carry their history with them, as the motifs are still visible.

A Bali water pot is usually very big and has a chubby shape. Most often the pots are grey/white, but all the water pots vary in shape and colour and have a personal and unique expression.

Today, the antique Bali pots create atmosphere and beauty in homes and gardens around the world. Many of our customers use the large garden pots to plant fig trees, palm trees or big green plants in. Others prefer to let them decorate their space just as they are.  

The possibilities are many, but one thing is for sure. An antique pot, a vintage water pot or a modern handmade pot each have a unique expression that makes it a most decorative and personal addition to any home.

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