Create atmosphere at your balcony, home or office space by decorating it with authentic pots made by hand by local artisans in Bali

Chubby and slim, crooked or straight, big or small.
We love them all!

At Rabens Saloner we are passionate about hand-crafted pots. All our pots
carry Birgitte’s artistic touch for design and are made in a pottery in Bali, where true craftsmanship, high quality and the love of the art is key. Each pot is created entirely by hand by local artisans – a process that from the shaping to the glazing of the pot can take days, weeks or months depending on the size. This way all pots have their own unique aesthetic.

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Pottery in the making

Antique Water Pots

As much as we love to create our own pots, our heart beats for antique treasures. For years we have been collecting old water pots used in Indonesia before the convenience of modern water supply was a common luxury. Defined by voluminous shapes made to contain lots of water, the water pots are also characterised by their individual stories. Some still with house numbers painted on them, some still adorned by what is left of colours and decorations created by the previous owner, each pot is unique carrying along a bit of history.

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