Add comfyness to your home with a handmade mattress from Bali customised in the colour and size of your choice


36 colours & custom sizing

We make the mattresses by your specific measurements.


For more than 10 years we have been crafting custom sized mattresses in Bali. Today, the Rabens Bali mattresses are one of our most popular interior icons – ordered from all over the world by people creating homes with a creative feel and a comfy soul.

Pink, pastels, cream, dusty shades, blue, red, green, petrol, ash, brown or grey? Choose among 36 beautiful colours for the cover in natural cotton fabric, adding a stylish and personal touch to your home.

If you visit the Rabens Saloner stores in Copenhagen, you are able to buy ready-to-use mattresses in the standard size 90 cm x 200 cm. Otherwise, the popular foam mattresses are made by your specific measurements and come in two heights: 7 cm or 15 cm (or higher if you prefer), depending on where and how you want to place it.



Made by hand in Bali in lovely cotton fabric


We make the mattresses in the size you need


Choose between a wide range of colours


1, 2, 3 or more? How many do you like? And in what colours?

Getting a crush on more than one happens often. Therefore, we are ready to make what your home requires as well as what your heart desires.