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Rabens Saloner 2021.1 fashion show

With a creative digital show, Rabens Saloner embraces the vision of a New Now and the hybrid fashion weeks. The show, an alluring cinematic experience, showcases the essence of Rabens Saloner as a brand manifesting a strong vision for female empowerment under the creative direction and sharp eye of Birgitte Raben.



Two windows. The same, actually they are slightly different. There is nothing here except for dripping sinks. You are seeing double, your mind is playing tricks on you.

The digital show is the result of the collaborative effort between NY Director Juan Palacio and Rabens Saloner’s creative team led by Birgitte Raben. The show was filmed at the locker room of an empty flight station creating a space of simplicity only interrupted by the industrial sinks and raw aesthetics. The room is infused with natural light from the windows and the soundscape incorporating birds chirping juxtaposes the elements and creates a window to a moment in time for Rabens Saloner 2021.1 collection to come into focus.

All of our lives can sometimes be challenging and so it is always important to try to give ourselves an occasional sense of calm and serenity and, as importantly, to find enjoyment and fun where possible. The way we dress gives us a chance to dream and an opportunity to stay true to ourselves and it is with this goal in mind that Rabens Saloner presents a new collection that is uncomplicated, light and - of course! - utterly beautiful.


2021.1 CATWALK



Colours throughout the collection express an intense softness and silhouettes are easy and uncontrived with soft shapes, exaggerated proportions and a true summer sense of relaxation. Rabens signature tie-dyes play a similar game with the same patterns appearing on textures as diverse as knitwear, faux-silk, jersey and twill, allowing combinations that have an element of the unexpected.

After all, dreams can be anything we want them to be – an escape from everyday life or aiming for something even better.

The collection will be available from end of January 2021.
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