Ink spot leggings
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Fitting like a second skin the ink spot leggings are perfect for physical activities as well as part of your daily outfit. The handmade print is unique making sure not two pairs are identical.

Crafted from Indonesia, the leggings have a sleek silhouette from waist to ankle and in a stretchy material they allow you to move effortlessly. The olive night colourway gives a dramatic touch.

It’s probably true to say that nothing quite exemplifies the Rabens Saloner aesthetic more than the use of natural dying techniques.

The ‘ink-spot’ print is made with stretched fabrics splattered with a glue-like solution using big brushes wielded entirely by hand. The cloth is then sprayed with dye giving a unique, soft wash of uneven colour and washed, revealing the original colour beneath where the glue prevented the dye from taking.

All tie dye is undertaken by hand and using the human eye as a guide, creating pieces that are entirely unique and reflect not only a long history of craftsmanship and skill but also a true working relationship based on mutual respect and creativity.


94% viscose 6% spandex

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