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Handmade raku ceramic bowl
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At Rabens Saloner we love beautiful, edgy and playful ceramics. No wonder we are in love with the incredible handmade ceramics by Danish ceramist, Dorte Visby. Her characteristic raku glace has a raw glare, adding personality and a hint of attitude to the table and this bowl is no exception.

‘Raku is a technique that is made in many ways. I burn raku at the temperature of 1130˚C, often in an electric oven. Glowing red, the items are taken out of the oven and into a barrel of sawdust and/or straw around.

The characteristic of the Raku roasting takes place in the cooling barrel, where sawdust and straw ignites and uses available oxygen from clay and glaze for the combustion.

This process is called reduction (reduced oxygen supply) and has influence of the colours of the glaze and clay. For obtaining colours and grades, I use different masses and glazes with different matte gloss’. – Dorte Visby

Craftsmanship is key. x

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