Rabens Saloner

Seashell by the window

Come by our flagship store and see our new fantastic window decoration created by our amazing window elves. This time a pink seashell has found its way into the window display and we love it!

Thank you for your magic, Melanie Buchhave &
Rikke Kjaer and thank you for capturing it, Morten Bjarnhof.
x Rabens Saloner

Window Goddesses

These two foxy ladies have taken over our window display in Rabens Saloner store.
We must say we are drawn to their mystic and we do hope they will stay for a while.

Thank you once again Melanie Buchhave & Rikke Kjaer for your magic <3
Captured by Morten Bjarnhof.

x Rabens Saloner

Window Magic

They never let us down and once again they have taken us by surprise. The window elves, of course.
This time they have invited these lovely ladies from our Spring/Summer ’19 lookbook into our window display.
We must say they look fabulous and they make our store shine brighter than ever.

Thank you for your magic, Melanie Buchhave & Rikke Kjaer and thank you for capturing it, Morten Bjarnhof.

x Rabens Saloner



We are happy to introduce you to the collection of Spring/Summer ’19.

The world which surrounds us often appears complicated, demanding and stressful, so we can all be forgiven for wanting a little bit of simplicity in our lives. With this in mind, Rabens Saloner has approached SS19 with a sense of lightness and ease but with no compromise on creativity and style.

Prints, as always, are an important part of the Rabens world and this season the signature tie dyes take centre stage with their fluid and organic appearance reflecting the collection’s sense of ease.

Creativity and individuality are also reflected in the cut of many of the garments.

x Rabens Saloner


Christmas is above us and in our flagship store we have given in to the holy Christmas spirit ✨
Come see our little soldiers with their big drums as they are standing guard at our store front.
As always we owe a big thank to our window elves, Melanie Buchhave and Rikke Kjaer, for doing their magic.
See you in Rabens Saloner Store, Møntergade 19, Copenhagen.
x Rabens Saloner
Photo by Morten Bjarnhof 🙏🏼


Each Sunday of Advent we will spoil you with a chance to win a carefully selected item from our store.

Go to our Instagram account @rabenssaloner_store to participate.

All you need to do is…

> Follow @rabens_saloner & @rabenssaloner_store

> Like the Advent picture on @rabenssaloner_store
and write a comment with your size

The winner will be announced and contacted directly on Instagram the coming Friday.

x Rabens Saloner


Halloween is above us and things are getting real scary in our flagship store
Come see our new window girl created by Melanie Buchhave and Rikke Kjaer for yourself… if you dare. She had a long, dark journey from Bali to here so she may be a little tensed…
See you in Rabens Saloner Store, Møntergade 19, Copenhagen.
x Rabens Saloner
Thank you Melanie Buchhave, Rikke Kjaer & Morten Bjarnhof 🙏🏼 #rabenswindow

To The Moon And Back

Once again our window elves have done their magic in our flagship store 
We love them to the moon and back for this enchanting window decoration – come by and check it out.

x Rabens Saloner

Thank you Melanie Buchhave, Rikke Kjaer & Morten Bjarnhof 🙏🏼

Stock & Sample Sale

AW18 is here

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the AW18 collection.

The Rabens Saloner girl has always had a rebellious side to her so, for this season, we look for inspiration to one of the world’s most artistically revolutionary periods – the early 20th century – when painters such as Picasso, Klee and Sonia Delaunay broke free from the confines of established aesthetics.

As international travel became easier, Influences from the native art of Africa, Asia and the Pacific were incorporated with western techniques to create new ground-breaking work.
A century later, the spirit of this culture clash resonates as strongly as ever and it is with this in mind that Rabens Saloner looks beyond borders and travels far and wide to bring an eclectic and vibrant collection that is totally modern.

Experience the collection in stores now.

x Rabens Saloner

Summer Sale

Save 50% on all your favourite SS18 items.
We are looking forward to seeing you 🛍

Rabens Saloner Store
Møntergade 19
Copenhagen K

x Rabens Saloner


Rock star t-shirts are a constant in a Rabens Saloner collection and this season they underline the positive message – never forget to dream. Shooting stars are at once retro-chic and symbolic of hope and aspiration whilst the simple word ‘Believe’ on a t-shirt urges us to never forget our dreams.
You might not be a rock star yet but you can at least get into training!

x Rabens Saloner

Summer Straw

Summer has taken us by surprise, and oh how we dig it!
It’s the season of sunshine and bare feet, grass between your toes and straw. Lots of straw. In all the ways you can think of. We love it all. That’s why we have made a wonderful collection of straw hats and bags for Rabens Saloner store.
They come in many different shapes and sizes, some with embroidery statements, some clean and classy, some in fresh colours, some with hand-painted details… which one shall be your summer accessory?

x Rabens  Saloner


Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

“Oh yeah, you’re a shooting star” – Lou Reed

This season Rabens Saloner looks at the point where sport and glamour collide.
Sportswear influences infuse a collection that celebrates the positive energy,
both of rock n roll living and a healthy body and mind.

Explore the Pre-fall 2018 Collection in store now

X Rabens Saloner





Every month we change the window decoration in our Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

This month we have the pleasure of presenting you to our new friend – The Seahorse.

The Seahorse is one-of-a-kind, handmade in beautiful Bali in collaboration with a very special local artist.


Visit our Flagship Store at Møntergade 19, Copenhagen K to explore our new window.


We look forward to welcoming you.



Rabens Saloner

Give Back

Having seen the need of help in the world with their own eyes, childhood friends Mads and Mikkel Kornerup from Shamballa Jewels and Birgitte Raben from Rabens Saloner are keen on giving back 🙏🏻🌏
As ambassadors for Club 10 by Danish Red Cross they have joined forces and designed a unisex tie dye hoodie here seen on Mads & Mikkel 💚 It also comes in a pink combo.
For each sold hoodie DKK 250,- will be donated to Danish Red Cross ❣️
The hoodie is available exclusively in Rabens Saloner Store and Shamballa Jewels flagship store in Copenhagen and at www.boozt.com

x Rabens Saloner

Copenhagen Fashion Week

It is in the air! Copenhagen fashion week is on, and the city is full of fantastic people from around the world. We love this vibrant week, with so much energy and so much going on everywhere. It makes us forget everything about the cold, gloomy weather and the general January feeling 💫

Again this year we are present at Revolver Trade Show in Øksnehallen, where we are exhibiting AW18 🍂🍁
We can’t wait to see all our customers and our colleagues 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Shamballa Jewels x Rabens Saloner

We’re so happy to introduce to you the unisex tie dye hoodie we’ve designed in collaboration with Shamballa Jewels ~ our friends and co-ambassadors for Club 10 by Danish Red Cross ✨✨💫
Here perfectly worn by darling Renée Toft Simonsen 💛
Buy it exclusively at Boozt.com in a green or a pink combo (link further down) and in our own stores Rabens Saloner Store and Shamballa Jewels Cph 🙌🏽
For each sold hoodie DKK 250,- will be donated to Red Cross 🙏🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Rabens Window

Meet Birdy 👋🏽
He’s currently located in our flagship store, where he keeps an eye on everyone passing by his window. Come have a closer look at our new friend in our store at Møntergade 19, Cph K 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Bonjour Paris 🇫🇷

Who’s Next is on!
We can’t wait to show our collection of Autumn/Winter 18 to all you lovely people around at the fair 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Rosette Kimono Love

Oh how we love this dreamy photo of @indiasinsights wearing our new Rosette silk kimono 🙏🏻
On a cold Thursday morning in January this make us dream of palm trees, sunshine and adventure 🌞🌴💋

x Rabens Saloner

Welcome 2018

Thank you everyone for making 2017 a magical year.
It has been the year of our 10-year anniversary, and what a journey it has been. From the beginning where Birgitte Raben sold her mini collection from the trunk of her car, till today where Rabens Saloner is an international brand sold worldwide. We are very grateful for every moment of our journey!

2017 has also been the year where Birgitte was invited to become ambassador for Club 10 – a group of 10 well-known personalities from the Danish cultural and/or business community. The purpose, to collect funds for preventive aid work by the Red Cross, is very close to Birgitte’s heart. That’s why all profit from the anniversary collection, The LOVE Collection, will be donated to the project. It’s all about giving back.

Now we are welcoming 2018. May it be a year full of fantastic moments. We can’t wait to continue our journey!

x Rabens Saloner



Merry Christmas

We are wishing you all a very merry Christmas ❤️
May it be filled with love and light ✨✨✨

x Rabens Saloner

For A Rainy Day

Yeah well we know, it’s Christmas, and Christmas is supposed to be snowy and white. However, as Christmas tend to be more rainy and grey than snowy and white, we prefer safe to sorry and guard ourselves with this new rain jacket. It’s part of our anniversary collection, The LOVE collection, and all profit will be donated to the Red Cross. Happy Christmas ☔️☔️ ☔️

x Rabens Saloner

Christmas in Rabens Saloner Store

Come by Rabens Saloner store where you will be served warm mulled wine while listening to the best Christmas music as you do your Christmas shopping ALL weekend long 🌲♥️🌲
We can’t wait to see you in Møntergade 19, Cph K.

x Rabens Saloner

Photoshoot AW18

The shooting of AW18 is full on in Bali. Here’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ sneak peek for you – our beautiful model Crystal and our lovely friend Wilhelm make it a great couple, don’t you think?

x Rabens Saloner

Happy December

The sweet Christmas time is above us.
It seems like only 5 minutes ago the calendar said summer, picnic and sunshine, yet here we are and we love it 🙏🏻
There’s nothing like the Christmas lights brightening up the dark nights, the sweet smell of cinnamon and all the gatherings with the people we may not see often enough. December is for slowing down and being grateful for all the gifts we have in life. So thank you and have a beautiful December ✨⭐️✨

x Rabens Saloner

Christmas Shopping

See you for some Christmas shopping in December? 🎄🎄🎄

x Rabens Saloner

Warm Winter Velvet

Winter is above us and it’s getting real cold. It’s time to wrap up in warm winter jackets. Our favourite of the season is the soft, thick, padded velvet jacket – here perfectly worn by lovely Leeloo 💛💫 Happy weekend.

x Rabens Saloner

Our Anniversary Collection

The Love Collection

Freedom in all its forms, comfort, travel, relaxation, casual elements synonymous with the Rabens Universe, all come together as we celebrate our 10 years’ anniversary.

There is very much a festival vibe with our small capsule package.

Six styles ranging from an easy tunic top and an oversized sweatshirt, hand drawn printed t-shirts, lounge pants (always a must in our collections), waterproof jacket, and a hold-all in Circus tent stripes add to the celebratory feel!

The styles have in mind the essential elements that we try to convey in all our collections, that of comfort, ease, a sense of fun, and above all, that calm, laid back feel we hope our customers have come to know and love.

With love in mind, there is a hand embroidered message on most of the styles, adding a personalized edge to the pieces, and also includes that sense of craft.

So, happy birthday to us! After all, what is life without a celebration.

Pre Spring 18 // All Tomorrow's Parties

Rabens Saloner has always loved a rock chick but this season more than ever we celebrate these strong feisty girls whose devil-may-care attitude and fun-loving nature inspire not only their bands and boyfriends but also a whole generation of modern women.  From Nico to Kate Moss via Marianne Faithfull and Jane Birken, they bring glamour and a sense of natural sexiness to even the most serious and melancholy of musicians.

Looking at discovered vintage pieces with a modern eye is key.  Colours are brooding and dark  (we’re talking rock here, not bubblegum pop!) but mixed with a definite element of mischief using brighter highlights of vermillion, ochre and scarlet.   Shots of gold lurex or burnished matte sequins bring a showgirl glamour to hand-me-down romanticism as do faded velvet and worn jacquards.
Classic patterns such as houndstooth are reworked into modern drapey silhouettes, combining both sophistication and ease.

Rock chick staples such as stretch python pants and slogan t-shirts are of course included and add just the right element of defiance when worn with Rabens classic kimono shapes or – more daringly – with a Ziggy Stardust sequinned suit:  the perfect outfit in which to make an entrance to the after-show party.  Cowboy boots lose their country image when reimagined as a slender and sexy stiletto and these, like the quirky colour block knits made with pipe-cleaner yarn, combine with the darker moodier pieces to give contrast and depth.  Part crazy, part chic:  the very definition of the Rabens girl.

x Rabens Saloner

Our Anniversary

This year is the year of our 10th anniversary. It has been 10 years of adventure, and for Birgitte it has been a dream come true.
Starting the journey by selling her garments from the trunk of her car to now where Rabens Saloner is an international brand sold worldwide, has been magical, and to Birgitte at times surreal. That of course was to be celebrated last week, where it was time to give back to all the beautiful people, who somehow has been part of the journey. We had a wonderful time in our flagship store, where food, wine, talks and laughter made it one of those unforgettable nights 💛
Thanks to all of you who were there with us.

x Rabens Saloner

Crown Princess Mary

It makes us so happy and proud to see Crown Princess Mary wearing our clothes. Here she’s wearing our embroidered top from our summer collection 💛 Isn’t she beautiful? Aren’t her family beautiful? We are in love!

x Rabens Saloner

The Walls

Twice a year we bring our photo team to Bali to shoot our lookbooks. Mostly the shoots take place in the house of Birgitte Raben, and that means lots of preparation beforehand, where the house is going through quite a makeover, as all the walls are transformed into a new story, a new season…
See more photos of the walls on our Facebook page… facebook.com/rabenssaloner

x Rabens Saloner

Are you our new PR Responsible?

Rabens Interior Universe

The princess on the pea aka fashion editor from Eurowoman, Pernille Rosenkilde, chilling at our mattress pile in our flagship store in Copenhagen.
Did you know that our flagship store in Møntergade 19, Cph, have an entire floor with interiors only? Well it does. The floor is a mekka of old antique furniture from Indonesia mixed with Rabens Saloner’s own furniture line and all those little things we have found on our trips around the world. Come by our flagship store to experience the entire universe!

Also our interior store at Amerikavej 15A, Cph, is definitely worth a visit.

See you ✨✨✨

x Rabens Saloner

Gazelle 2017

Thank you Børsen 💫 We’re so pleased for being one of this year’s Gazelle companies 💛✨✨
What can we say but thank you all to the moon and back for a great year 🌟

x Rabens Saloner


Stock & Sample Sale

Friday, September 29th 10.00-17.00
Saturday, September 30th 10.00-14.00

Rabens Saloner
Amerikavej 15A
1756 Copenhagen V

Clothes, shoes and accessories from previous collections

Cash, creditcard and MobilePay

See you 💋

x Rabens Saloner

The Alexia Skirt

Lovely Sofie Parelius strolling around in the blue dreamy Alexia skirt 💎
The skirt is made of silk satin and when you twist from side to side it makes an excellent Monroe 😉⭐️

x Rabens Saloner


The Abbelin Jacket

Autumn has hit us like a bang and suddenly the air is cooler and the sky darker. It’s time to bring out the cozy knits and the warm coats. Our favourite jacket of the season is the soft, warm velvet padded jacket. The jacket is available in two colours… in golden yellow and in a deep midnight blue. Which one is your favourite?

x Rabens Saloner