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Stock & Sample Sale

Friday, September 29th 10.00-17.00
Saturday, September 30th 10.00-14.00

Rabens Saloner
Amerikavej 15A
1756 Copenhagen V

Clothes, shoes and accessories from previous collections

Cash, creditcard and MobilePay

See you 💋

x Rabens Saloner

The Alexia Skirt

Lovely Sofie Parelius strolling around in the blue dreamy Alexia skirt 💎
The skirt is made of silk satin and when you twist from side to side it makes an excellent Monroe 😉⭐️

x Rabens Saloner


The Abbelin Jacket

Autumn has hit us like a bang and suddenly the air is cooler and the sky darker. It’s time to bring out the cozy knits and the warm coats. Our favourite jacket of the season is the soft, warm velvet padded jacket. The jacket is available in two colours… in golden yellow and in a deep midnight blue. Which one is your favourite?

x Rabens Saloner

Who's Next

We are all set at our booth at Who’s Next in wonderful Paris. See you around? 💛✨✨

x Rabens Saloner

Save the Date

Our Stock & Sample sale is coming up later this month. Make sure to save the date and come by for a day or two of shopping when we pull out all of our hidden treasures for you to make a scoop 💛✨✨
Payment: Creditcard, cash & MobilePay

x Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner in Magasin Lyngby

We are very happy now to be part of Magasin in Lyngby. Come by and see our beautiful store 🌸

x Rabens Saloner

Rabens Balloons

Every month the window display in Rabens Saloner Store changes over night.
This time our window elves has decorated the window with the most fantastic balloons made out of pap mache 🎈🎈🎈

x Rabens Saloner

Universe Dress

Beautiful Elin Lannsjö always looks like a dream, and her ‘boho meets the city’ universe is ever inspiring.
We must say, that our universe dress ‘Augustine’ fits her and her universe just perfect 💛

x Rabens Saloner

L.A. Loving

A week of colours, vintage shopping, coffee drinking and inspiration hunting is over, and this is the photo diary of Birgitte Raben, co-designer Richard Kemp and stylist Melanie Buchhave from their trip to lovely Los Angeles ⭐️

x Rabens Saloner
Psst! See all photos on our Facebook page facebook.com/rabenssaloner ✨✨



Beautiful Mary

We’re so honored to see our beautiful Crown Princess Mary wearing the palm print skirt ❤️ What a lovely family photo 🙏
Happy weekend everyone.

x Rabens Saloner


To the Moon and Back

Birgitte and co-designer Richard sharing a moment on top of the moon ⭐️
In fact they are sharing many moments these days, as they are spending a week in L.A. with stylist Melanie Buchhave. Together the 3 of them are on an a trip to find inspiration for the collection Autumn/Winter 18. Always a year ahead, always on the lookout for new ideas…

x Rabens Saloner

Palm Print

We love the palm print! We love kimonos! And we love Joicy Muniz in our palm print kimono 🌴💋🌴💋

x Rabens Saloner

Utility Skirt

Beautiful Christiane wearing our utility skirt, Ada 💛 She sure looks lovely ✨

x Rabens Saloner

Get Your Name On It

It is happening in Rabens Saloner flagship store 🎈🎈🎈
Come and get you new customized LOVE t-shirt done today.

x Rabens Saloner


We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow for our event in our flagship store 🎈
Come by between 10.00 and 15.00 , buy a LOVE t-shirt and get your initials embroidered on while you enjoy a cup of refreshing kombucha and the fresh Friday feeling ✨✨✨
See you in Møntergade 19, Copenhagen K.

x Rabens Saloner

Copenhagen Fashion Week

The sun is shining, the spirit is high, it’s that time of year again! Once again we are to be found at Revolver, Øksnehallen, where we are super thrilled to be showing you our collection of SS18 🌸
See you there?

x Rabens Saloner


Spread the Love

Come join us Friday for our embroidery event and get your own customised LOVE t-shirt.
We will embroider your initials on this Love t-shirt while you enjoy a refreshing cup of kambucha 🌞

Rabens Saloner Store
Møntergade 19
1116 Copenhagen K

Friday, August 11th

Price DKK 450,-

See you in Møntergade 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Circus Stripes

The new circus striped weekend bag has landed in Rabens Saloner store 🍿🎪 Choose between 3 different sizes and a myriad of colour combinations 🍭

x Rabens Saloner

Gold on Gold

Summer, sea and stunning Josephine Havmøller ☀️ What more can we ask for? We love her beach look wearing our gold print pants and goldline blouse 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Gold Print

Good morning ☀️ What better way of starting the day than with this happy face out in the sun in our gold print pants? We love it 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Alma Dress

Beautiful Julie rocks the Alma dress and make us all wanna dance through the summer in our new favourite dress 💛

x Rabens Saloner

SALE in Møntergade

Are you ready?
The SALE starts this THURSDAY, June 15th.
We can’t wait to see you 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Beautiful Masha

Beautiful Masha Sedgwick always looks edgy and cool and we dig her so 💖 Here she’s wearing the Amanda jacket from our collection of SS17 👌🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Monkey Paradise

The photo shoot of Spring Summer 18 is just around the corner, and the preparations are full on. As usual the photo shoot is taking place at beautiful Bali, and again this year it is taking place in Birgitte’s own house. That’s why the whole place currently is being transformed into an exotic monkey paradise. We can’t wait to see the final result of this tremendous wall art 🙏🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Cool Cat at Cannes Film Festival

Okay so how cool did this dreamy lady look at Cannes Film Festival? 🕶 Dressed all in black in outfit from Rabens Saloner we believe she owned that festival 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Nepal Love

It comes as no surprise that Rabens Saloner finds the East more inspiring than anything. Especially the traditions when it comes to craftsmanship, that are passed on from generation to generation. However, travelling in the East is a visual as well as a spiritual experience beyond compare. You never know what magical wonders you will meet just around the corner – like this little beauty. The colours and the details are magnificent and we love little wonders like this.
Have a beautiful weekend.

x Rabens Saloner

Wild Wild Horses

Hurry up, circus is in town!
Once again our window display has been transformed overnight and this time it has been taken over by wild horses. You can’t feed them, but if you post them on Instagram and use the hashtag #rabenswindow you might be the lucky owner of a zebra printed kimono. Super cool and super up for summer! Drop by the store for more details ✨✨✨


x Rabens Saloner

Birgitte Raben and the Planet

Birgitte Raben has had a chat with My Daily Space about sustainability, and how implementing small good habits in your everyday routines can make a difference.
Follow the link below and check it out

x Rabens Saloner

Friday Spirit on a Thursday

Thank you Malina Kragmann for bringing us that Friday spirit on a Thursday 🎈 Dressed in our mega flower print from top to toe accompanied by numerous of pink balloons and we are convinced. It’s Friday on a Thursday. Make the most of it.

x Rabens Saloner

Mega Flower Print

Spring is all about the flowers. It is this magical time of year where everything around us is blossoming, even we people seem to be blossoming. Spring tend to bring smiles along with the sun and the flowers, and oh how we love this time of year. We’re celebrating just this with the mega flower print, that you’ll find in stores now 🌼🌼🌼
Happy spring darlings!

x Rabens Saloner

Slow Mornings

Slow mornings in bed accompanied by nothing but a cup of coffee and the silence of dawn. Those are the mornings that make days of content  ✨💛
Emily Salomon looks nothing but dreamy in her Japanese vintage kimono from Rabens Saloner store.
See the wonderful vintage collection consisting of beautiful kimonos, cool bomber jackets, 70’s jeans, leather bags and all the little things in between 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner store
Møntergade 19
Cph K


Pot & Plant Bazaar

It’s soon and we can’t wait. See you for some pot or plant shopping or some wine sipping?

x Rabens Saloner

Pot & Plant Bazaar

Come by when we turn Amerikavej into an exotic outdoor Pot & Plant Bazaar.

Our fantastic selection of antique and homemade pots have come in good company with the most exotic and beautiful indoor and outdoor plants and trees from Deichmann Planter and Hørsholm Planteskole for you to design the perfect ‘pot and plant combo’ for your home.

Rosforth and Rosforth will be there with refreshments to taste or bring back home.

See you on Saturday, April 29th
Amerikavej 15A
1756 Copenhagen V

x Rabens Saloner


Kimono Crushing

The beautiful fashion editor from Eurowoman Magazine, Pernille Rosenkilde, looks oh so dreamy in her Japanese vintage kimono from Rabens Saloner store 🎀
Find your kimono love in Møntergade 19, where you’ll find a great selection of unique vintage kimonos in all sort of colours, patterns and materials 💖✌🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Suit Up Saturday

Do it like Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and dress up in the cheviot jacket and pants 👌🍃🍃

x Rabens Saloner

Stock & Sample Sale // Countdown

It’s all a big mess right now, but we promise to be 100% ready for you when our Stock & Sample Sale begins Thursday 10 o’clock at Amerikavej 15A, Copenhagen V

See you there? 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Stock & Sample Sale
Thursday 10.00-17.00
Friday 10.00-16.00