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Stock & Sample Sale // Countdown

It’s all a big mess right now, but we promise to be 100% ready for you when our Stock & Sample Sale begins Thursday 10 o’clock at Amerikavej 15A, Copenhagen V

See you there? 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Stock & Sample Sale
Thursday 10.00-17.00
Friday 10.00-16.00


Did you know that about every month our window display changes in Rabens Saloner Store?
Our little window elves always manages to surprise us with their magic over night 
✨✨✨  Come and get a closer look at this month’s snowdrops and psst…
you might also be the lucky winner of a new denim jacket! 

Every time we get a new window display a new item from the store
is up for grabs.

Right now you can get your hands on this denim jacket – your perfect companion during the summer season ☀️✌🏼💋

All you need to do is:

  • take a photo of the window display
  • upload it on Instagram
  • hashtag #rabenswindow
  • tag @rabenssaloner_store

The winner will be announced on Instagram 🙏🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner Store
Møntergade 19
1116 Copenhagen K

Kimono Love

Beautiful beach babe Malina Kragmann strolling the beach wearing the fan kimono from Rabens Saloner ☀️💛 Looking at this make us long for them endless summer nights and we are cheering for warmer, longer days… Come hither spring 🙏🏻

x Rabens Saloner

Stock & Sample Sale

See you? 💋

x Rabens Saloner

Psst! Please note that there is no sale Saturday 😉

Rabens Vintage

Laura Tønder looks so dreamy in her customized vintage kimono from Rabens Saloner Store. We have a great selection of beautiful, funky and timeless kimonos – each one originally from Japan and carefully handpicked for the store. We have them long or short, pretty or edgy and most possibly we have one that will suit your wardrobe 👘✨✨

x Rabens Saloner

Psst… Find them in our store or get one shipped your direction 🙏🏻💋
Rabens Saloner Store  Møntergade 19  Cph K  +45 3115 3113   [email protected]

Vintage Kimono

At Rabens Saloner we have a huge fascination of vintage garments. Garments that have lived perhaps a lifetime and would have plenty of amazing stories to tell if only they could talk. We like to think of it as garments with soul, and we’re always on the lookout for new amazing vintage styles from worldwide for our flagship store in Copenhagen. The idea of an old garment adding new life to a new wardrobe is beautiful.

Our latest vintage crush is the Japanese kimono. We have found the most amazing Japanese vintage kimonos in numerous patterns, colors and lengths, none are the same – all are unique.
Here the Dutch darling Lizzy in her customized kimono with hand embroidered name on,

Come see the great selection of unique kimonos yourself at Møntergade 19, Cph K.

x Rabens Saloner


We 💛 L.A.

Los Angeles is the perfect place to get inspired. Every year Birgitte Raben and co-designer Richard Kemp join forces with super stylist Melanie Buchhave, and together the trinity travel to the vibrant city of angels and other good folks to seek inspiration for future collections. Not much escapes the eye of the 3 creative souls, why their photo diary never fails. Have a look for yourself.

x Rabens Saloner

Psst… See more photos on our Facebook page 👌🏼

Two Foxy Ladies

Two foxy ladies ~ one wearing our new golden jacquard jacket 👌🏼
Szhirley and Saseline always shining bright ⭐️💋

x Rabens Saloner

Summerly Saseline

Lovely lady Saseline looking oh so dreamy in our ripple kaftan dress 🌴💕 Now all there is to do is wait for spring and sunshine, and we are ready to pull off this summer look 🌞✌🏼️

x Rabens Saloner

Sweat Pants & Lace

The one girl who gets away with mixing sweat pants and lace 🙏🏻 The one and only Sofie Linde in our workout outfit and yeah a lace skirt 💋

x Rabens Saloner

The Fan Print

Malina Kragmann walking down the streets looking so effortlessly cool in our fan print outfit. Looking at this makes us long for summer, sunshine and free feet 👌🏼☀️💋

x Rabens Saloner

Summer Dreamin'

The sun always shines somewhere 🌞🌴 Christiane has found it and the perfect occasion to wear our new kimono dress 👌🏼💛
Happy Monday everyone.

x Rabens Saloner

Visitor Of The Day

Okay we did meet loads of lovely people at the fair yesterday, we did. However, the visitor of the day was without a doubt this little fellow. Dressed in nothing but fur and a scarf, he managed to steal the hearts of each and everyone 💕

x Rabens Saloner

Golden Moment

Ok how dreamy did this young lady look in our golden line tank dress last night? 💛🙏🏻💛 We love her perfect mix of elegant and street. Hats off for Szhirley love!

x Rabens Saloner


Revolver // AW17

We’re all smiles here at Raben’s corner at Revolver Int. Fashion Trade Show. Finally we can show you our collection of AW17 and we promise – it is full of treasures 😊

x Rabens Saloner

Volumnious Velvet

Darling Sofie Linde stunning as can be, ready for a night out in our voluminous velvet jacket 💛 Oh how this sight warms our hearts.
The jacket is part of our collection of SS17, and it has just reached the stores. Maybe one is waiting for you to come pick it up?

x Rabens Saloner

Bowie, We Miss You

Oh yes we do, and that’s why we have dedicated our window display to our favourite black star 🙏🏻
Come see it yourself at Møntergade 19, Cph K. We promise to play your favourite Bowie song if you ask kindly ⚡️😍⚡️

x Rabens Saloner


Medina oh Medina

So beautiful, so strong, so edgy and so out with a new single. Can one help but admiring everything about her? ❤️

x Rabens Saloner

Psst! Did we mention that her zebra bandeau top & knickers are from Rabens Saloner? 💋


We 💜 Paris

Paris is always a good idea 💜 Hello from Rabens Saloner at Paris Fashion Week ✨✨✨ We’re thrilled to show you the collection of Autumn/Winter 17.

x Rabens Saloner


Blue Velvet

Blue velvet and that special Friday spirit that never fails. Macye Wysner looks nothing but blue and beautiful in our favourite velvet suit 💙
Happy weekend y’all ✌🏼️💋

x Rabens Saloner


Zebra Print

Beautiful Ulrikke Sandvad Toft Simonsen looking all cozy wearing our Zebra print. The print is part of our coming collection SS17, which soon will hit the stores. We can’t wait to add some wildlife to our wardrobe!

x Rabens Saloner

X-ray Print

We love print, we love details and we love the X-ray print. Made with the hands none of the X-ray styles are identical – each piece is unique – just like we are.

x Rabens Saloner

Daisy Print

Starting the new year in best PJ style – sweetheart Sofie Linde in our daisy print uniform ✌🏼️❤️

x Rabens Saloner

Happy New Year

Thank you everyone for having made 2016 a wild year 💛 Let’s make 2017 even wilder!

Have a magical New Year’s Eve everyone ✨✨✨

x Rabens Saloner


Sparkling Sequins

Make it a sparkling New Year with a sequins vintage dress from Rabens Saloner Store ✨✨
We have a great selection of handpicked vintage from worldwide.
See you in Møntergade 19, Copenhagen 💛

x Rabens Saloner


Christmas Sale

Our Christmas sale starts December 27th in Rabens Saloner store.
See you in Møntergade 19.

x Rabens Saloner

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people. May this special Christmas time be full of love 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Friday Sparkles

Friday sparkles the day before Christmas ✨✨✨ Enka Spass looks divine in our nightlife dress 💛

x Rabens Saloner

Shine like Szhirley

Cool lady Szhirley shines bright in our metallic Nevada boots matched with colorful sequins ❤️ See more in latest issue of Magasinet Liv.

x Rabens Saloner

Christmas Christiane

The Christmas spirit is sneaking up on us watching this wonderful atmospheric picture by Christiane Schaumburg-Müller 🌲🌲🌲

Psst… she’s wearing velvet pants from Rabens Saloner ❤️

x Rabens Saloner

Winther Wear

Beautiful as can be yet so very rock ‘n’ roll – that’s Christel Winther walking the streets of Copenhagen wearing our striped fur jacket. We love her look!

x Rabens Saloner

AW17 Photoshoot

The photoshoot of Autumn/Winter 17 is happening right now. Twice a year our incredible photoshoot team meets up in Bali, where our Look books are created.
This time (like last time) the photoshoot is taking place in the very home of Birgitte Raben. We are shooting in and around the fantastic house, and for the occasion we have been busy creating the perfect atmosphere for a winter collection – decorating, painting etc. and even though the final product won’t see the light of day till next year, we can’t wait to share it with you. For now enjoy these mood pictures from the set (more photos on our Facebook profile).

x Rabens Saloner

Velvet Dream

How amazing did Christiane Schaumburg-Møller look last night at the launch of the ChriChri cookbook? She was dressed in Rabens Saloner’s velvet uniform and she did it proud <3

x Rabens Saloner

Water Pots from Java

At Rabens Saloner we love things with a story to tell. Things with a hidden story revealed only by the worn material of what they exist – or things with a story you can read like an open book by just looking at them.

Our big, chubby pots are of the category of things with a hidden story. In fact, these beautiful almost majestic looking pots used to be an everyday remedy in every home of the people residing on the Indonesian Island Java. Back in the days simple modern luxury as water supply was still for the future to see. Therefore, every home had a big pot full of water in which they had a small watering can. They used that pot of water to take showers and wash themselves.

As modern living took its toll on the simple living, the big pots were discarded as they were no longer serving a purpose.

Today the water pots are hard to find, as they aren’t given much value since their original purpose belongs to a bygone era. Yet we find them so beautiful and decorative, that we have been on search for these beauties. In fact we have been walking from house to house ringing doorbells hoping that the owner would have a spare pot for us to buy and give a new purpose – the purpose of embellishing a home or a garden just by its appearance.

Our search paid off. We managed to collect a wide range of water pots and we are happy to have them adorning our stores at Møntergade and Amerikavej. Come see for yourself. Happy Tuesday!

x Rabens Saloner

Advent Sunday

Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent.
Our big tin soldier is ready to welcome everyone in our flagship store today 11.00-16.00, where he is spreading Christmas joy throughout December.
See you in Møntergade 19.

x Rabens Saloner

Om Suasti Astu

Next week our incredible photoshoot team is meeting up in Bali ready to do their magic, as the collection of Autumn/Winter 17 is to be shot in the beautiful new house of Birgitte Raben. It’s all set, however, due to Hindu tradition taking over a new house also means taking over all spirituality in the house and the surroundings, why something had to be done prior to the big photoshoot coming up for it to be succesful… It is of momentous importance to have the house blessed in order to make it a harmonic and peaceful place to be for everyone – people and spirits, and that’s what happened yesterday – the house was blessed.

The blessing took place as a beautiful ceremony. Everyone was gathered in and around the house where offerings were given to the different gods like the god of water, the god of food etc. Mainly the spirit by the waterhole is of particular importance. It is said that the spirits emerge from water, why the god by the waterhole must be treated with great reverence. Permission must be asked to enter the area, and whenever passing the waterhole one must always thank the god by saying the words ‘Om Suasti Astu’ meaning ‘God, hope everything is good’.

With the blessing successfully completed, we have peace in mind and believe the photoshoot next week will turn out great.

x Rabens Saloner


Interior Sale

Come by and and treat your home with a little something as we reduce the prices on selected items. See you!

x Rabens Saloner

Metallic Stripes

It’s Friday and we feel like dressing up and going out and celebrate the weekend. Celebrate the weekend in style. Wouldn’t today be the perfect day to do as cool cat and singer Szhirley and jump into the metallic striped dress? We believe so.

Beautiful weekend to you all <3

x Rabens Saloner